Deck Review: Pythia Botanica Oracle Leila & Olive

Pythia Botanica Oracle Leila & Olive

I was able to snag this GORGEOUS oracle when I was scrolling the #BotanicalMagic thread on Instagram a while back, and I’m finally getting around to sharing how LOVELY it is.  If you haven’t gotten to follow @Leila_Olive on Instagram, you’re missing out.  It comes boxed in a heavy duty cardboard box.  I love keeping decks in their original boxes, but often the soft boxes don’t last long and I wind up transferring them into the Ipsy makeup bags that come monthly.  This is a box I can use for years to come.

The back of the guidebook reads, “Unveil your Prophecy, Botanical spirits to light the way.

The cards are simple and elegant.  They give the name of the botanical (Cinquefoil) and the larger font is reserved for the key word for the card (Enchant) 

There is a faux gold leaf on the edges that gives the cards a nice look, but it rubs off easily.  I like the look of gold leaf, but it rarely stands up to the hype.

The backs of the cards have an entrancing Pythia motif and helps differentiate between the Pythia Tarot (another review later!) and the Oracle.  

As Blackthorn is my last name I was tickled to see it included in the oracle.  It instructs us to let go of the things that frighten us and hold us back.

The soft colors of the background make it easy on the eyes for long days as a reader, and the card stock is thick enough I don’t feel like I’m playing with cheap playing cards.  I’ve added this to my professional reader basket that I take with me for readings and I’ll be using this for a long time to come.

*I was not paid to do this review.  I paid for the deck and @Leila_Olive has no knowledge I am doing this review.  She’s just awesome.

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