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2020 Online only due to COVID-19

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The Prana House, PA TBD
Great American Natural Products FL TBD
Enchanted Fae, MD TBD
Moon Medicine, MI TBD

Updating as dates become available.


PantheaCon, San Jose, California

Sacred Space 2019: March 21-24, 2019
Connecting Magic and Science: Decoding Scientific Names
Combing through the botanical names of plants is fascinating, it tells us so much about the journey of the magic that takes place within.The Doctrine of Signatures tells us about the magic of the plant as well. When you connect each plant to its botanical family you can do more than know its roots; you can instinctively tell its magical history, lineage and uses in a way that memorizing books with never match. Understand working botanical magic with this innovative approach to working with plants.

April 27th Independent Bookseller Day Capruchio’s Books in Bel Air, MD.

May 11th, Crystals in Magick at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.

May 16th-19th, I’ll be at the Pagan Unity Festival. Nashville, TN.
June 15th 4-6 pm Green Witch’s Herbal at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.
July 13th Candle Magic 2-4pm at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.
July 18th-21 Atlanta GA Mystic South.
August 17th, 2-4 Astrology Charts for Beginners at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.
August 31st Active Self Protection and Magic of Scientific Names at Philadelphia Pagan Pride.
September 14th & 15th I’m in NJ at Soul Journey for an author event with Sandi Liss.

September 21 Making Magical Oils at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.

October 4th Sacred Smoke Book Signing and Talk Capruchio Books, Bel Air MD.
October 5th 2-4 Samhain Lore and Magic at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.
October 6th Book Signing at Candles, Crystals, and Cauldrons in Hampden, MD
October 12th I’m in Fredricksburg VA Pagan Pride.

October 19th I fly to Raleigh, NC to the Holy Rose to present their Witches’ Tea.

October 24-27th I’m headlining Hallowed Homecoming in VA.
FaerieCon Nov 1st-3

Nov 16th, JusticeCraft of the Wise at Finding Avalon, Dover DE.

Nov 23rd Sacred Smoke Signing at Thelesis Temple OTO in Philadelphia.

November 29th, Desperate House Witches Podcast

Nov 30th Past Life Regression workshop at Finding Avalon, Dover, DE

December 14th 2-4 Wheel of the Year: Seasons and Celebrations at Finding Avalon, Camden, DE.
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